Jordan - Vintage 1950's

Jordan - Vintage 1950's

SKU: 247-NV

18" necklace with Vintage 1950's Rhinestone button, white agate, rose quartz, mother of pearl, gold plated clasp & components        


The 1920's brought about social changes and women's emancipation. Women were breaking out of the molds society had placed them into. "Jordan" represents a socially rebellious upper class woman. She was a single, emancipated woman and a professional golfer, usually a sport exclusively reserved for men, of questionable integrity.

  • Necklace features:

    Vintage 1950's Rhinestone Button

    Rhinestone Spacers

    White Agate

    Rose Quartz

    Mother of Pearl

    Gold Plated Rhinestone Pavé Ball Clasp

    100% Knotted Silk Cord 


    Handcrafted in the USA