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"The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a poetic rendition of the American society post war era known as the Jazz Age (1920's). A politically and socially crucial and chaotic period of American history. This collection of four necklaces represents four of the main characters depicted in the epic tale.


Representing the lower class, Myrtle is stuck in purgatory in the "Valley of Ashes" under watchful eyes. She desperately attempts to break out and climb the social latter through an affair with a married man of the upper class gaining entrée into the world of the elite.

Myrtle ~ Vintage 1940's

SKU: 248-NV
  • Vintage 1940's Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Earrings 

    Jet Black Glass



    14kg plated Clasp 


    Handcrafted in the USA