Handcrafted in California

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Custom jewelry made in black glass, jet glass or French Jet was made popular from the area in northern Bohemia (Czech Republic) called Jablonec and Nisou. In the 18th century the town, Gablonz, produced its first artificial jewelry. By the 19th century the town became prosperous and wealthy due to exports. When the crisis of the 1930's hit, so did hunger and desperation. By 1938 the Nazis occupied the area and it was finally liberated in May 1945. In the Art Modern period following World War II, Jewelry designs became more traditional and understated.

Tre Belle ~ Vintage 1950's

SKU: 125NV
  • Vintage late 1950's 3-strand necklace

    Black round glass

    Faceted glass beads

    Vintage black rhinestones 

    Gunmetal vintage 1960's antique silver 3-strand connectors

    Gunmetal chain

    Gunmetal lobster claw 


    Handcrafted in the USA